Switch to Paperless Billing Kitimat

Fact: CityWest invoices use 493,416 pages of paper each year, which consumes an estimated 59 trees.

Paperless billing is a great way to save paper and help the environment. You can declutter your life with a more convenient way to handle your monthly statements, and you can help save trees at the same time.

Why go paperless?

  1. Cut clutter: Less mail to sort through
  2. Save trees: And save the energy required to print, handle and deliver all those paper invoices
  3. Better management: Access up to 24 months of bill history that you can view or save
  4. Payment: Convenient online payment options
  5. Privacy: Confidential access for statement viewing with a user ID and password

To go paperless, contact customer service today at 1-800-442-8664, or visit your nearest CityWest office.


Centennial Christian School would like to thank CityWest for providing Internet access for 2016 BC Provincial Boys A Volleyball Championships Nov 24-26, 2016 hosted in Terrace, BC! The event took place at two separate venues with 12 teams coming from all over the province. Players, coaches and fans appreciated the wireless access. The network worked flawlessly, with over 450 wireless devices and 190G of data usage over the three day event. Thank you for your great technical service and support for the event!

Andrew Nutma
Terrace / Thornhill

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