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Ditch your dish and save!

At CityWest, we know how the rugged weather of Northwest B.C. can damage your satellite dish. We also know how unsightly it can be, attached to your roof or to the side of your house. We understand if you want to get rid of that dish and never see it again.

If you sign up for CityWest digital TV today, we'll help you take the dish down by giving you up to $400 towards the purchase of a new digital cable box. If you bring in an SD satellite receiver, we'll put $100 towards the purchase of a digital box; if you bring in an HD receiver, we'll give you a $200 break on your new digital box. You'll also have a chance to access over 250 SD and HD channels, which includes video-on-demand, music channels, and local programming.

Call CityWest at 1-800-442-8664 to ditch your dish today.

Note: offer applies to new digital TV customers only. Maximum of two receivers can be traded in to qualify for the credit. Customer must purchase a DCX model box at time of trade-in.

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FeaturesCityWest Digital Cable TVSatellite TV
Easy install - no unsightly dish on your houseyes
Reliable all weather receptionyes
Free service calls in case you have problemsyes
Local weather, CFTK and CityWest TV-10 community channelyes
Service from a local company in the Northwest yes
Interactive on-screen programming guideyesyes
Hundreds of specialty channelsyesyes
Sharp picture and clear soundyesyes
Time-shifting channels so you have more time options for watching your favourite showsyesyes
Digital Music Channelsyesyes
Parental Control - set a PIN number on channels that you don't want your kids to see yesyes
Access Pay-Per-View (including hockey) yesyes
High-Definition Capabilitiesyesyes
With the Digital Video Recorder set-top box - you can record your favourite shows with the touch of a buttonyesyes

The choice is clear... CityWest digital cable TV provides the best home entertainment!

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The first people I met at CityWest took the time to answer all my questions and seemed not only to be polite but also seemed to know their product. Well that was different. I cannot begin to say how glad I am I decided to subscribe to CityWest and do not hesitate to tell everyone I come in contact with about my experience with your company.

Donna Stenger
Smithers / Telkwa

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